BW1901 - Circuit Board Module AS-i 16I/16O

Article: BW1901
Name: Circuit Board Module AS-i 16I/16O
Manufacturer: Bihl-Wiedemann

Product description

4 x 4I/4O AB slaves

Technical data

Type circuit board 93 mm x 51 mm
Circuit board dimensions

2 holes for assembly angles.

93 mm x 51 mm
Inputs Safety, SIL 3, Cat. 4 -
Inputs digital 16
Outputs digital 16 x electronic
Outputs Safety, SIL 3, cat. 4 -
Safety signal inputs -
Inputs analog -
PCB connection

further connection options are available on request.

screw terminalswiring pins, angled
(pins 180° to PCB)
wiring pins, straight
(pins 90° to PCB)
solder lugssocketsplug-in spring-type /
screw terminals
connecting wires

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