Company QUAD Industry Gmbh -

aims to become a leading supplier of power and automation systems for business partners around the world, providing advanced technical solutions, sophisticated in its simplicity. This is possible if a number of principles governing the activities of our employees, namely, perfection in simplicity, partnership, quality and innovation, continuous improvement.

When conducting business, our company to strive for:
• Creation of partner base that allow for accurate and timely delivery of products to customers.
• management processes to the ever-increasing level of efficiency of sales operations and ensure confidence in the company's automation systems, offering the highest quality products with competitive price able to guarantee a profit.
• Improvement of cooperation with partners for the components supplied with the optimal level of quality.

The superiority of simplicity over complex
The most grandiose invention of mankind have one thing in common - they are brilliant in its simplicity. Our team strives to solve any problems we face, the easiest and most effective way. We were able to shorten the duration of the investment process. Standard delivery of our components allows the rapid production and installation.

We believe in the possibility of developing long-term relationships with our customers.
Our highly qualified engineers are ready to support customers in the selection, purchase and subsequent operation of our equipment.
We provide favorable conditions for our customers, suppliers, dealers and employees, based on the principle of "win together."

We maintain the highest quality throughout the delivery process.
We use components known manufacturers. Our equipment is known as a masterpiece of European quality that ensures an optimal price-quality ratio.

Innovation - our trademark. We use the latest technological advances in the field. We find new and superior solutions for its simplicity, and set new standards in the industry. Therefore the equipment is cheaper, more reliable and provides an ideal operating parameters. An important point: we offer these innovative solutions as standard and not as an expensive option.


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Standard Solution


Quad Solution

  • EU and USA prices
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Logistic and purchasing department highly efficient
  • Reduction of indirect materials suppliers